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Funda Debt Councelling, Changing consumer lives in regaining their financial freedom back.

What is Debt Review/Counseling?


Debt counseling is a process of assisting consumers  that are experiencing debt related problems through:

  • Budget Advice
  • Restructuring their payments
  • Negotiating with credit providers on their behalf and
  • Monitoring their payments while providing after-care services


Debt counseling is done by debt counselor. This is someone who is registered with the National creditors regulator (NCR) and who assist consumers who are experiencing debt related problems and are having difficulties in making their current monthly payments. A debt counselor provides them with budget advice support and mediation with credit providers



How do you know you need a debt counselor

  • You use your credit card overdraft facilities to pay debts and buy food and other necessities.
  • You borrow money to pay other debts
  • You skip payments on some accounts in order to pay others, because you can not keep up
  • You can not pay your bills at the end of the month
  • You are considered being placed under administration
  • You have judgments granted against you



How does one avoid becoming over-indebted

Avoid getting more debt, rather downgrade and change your lifestyle! It is important to remember that change in lifestyle is the first step in creating a better environment for ourselves as consumers in these challenging times. you will need to cu some things and/or make misjudgment in order to stay afloat.


Funda debt counseling prefer using DC partners as our registered payment distribution agency for all our clients, however clients still have a choice on whether they want to use PDA or not.







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